The Yoga Hive (formerly Pneuma Yoga) is a yoga studio in Daphne, Alabama that was founded on 3 attributes: community, spirituality & service


We are a unique yoga studio because we are a nonprofit and this is what excites us the most! St. John Chyrsostom said it best about the bee; “The bee is more honored than other animals not because it labors, but because it labors for others.” When you practice at The Yoga Hive, your membership and participation support the sustainability of the Hive and like honey, we will pour our profitability back into the community.


The bee is a sacred symbol of spirituality and is referenced in the texts of many religions. At The Yoga Hive, we honor the sacredness of the practice of yoga and hold space for students to explore their spirituality.


When you practice at the Yoga Hive, you will be treated like family in an environment that focuses on unity, acceptance and love. Come to The Yoga Hive! See what the buzz is about.

We offer Hot Yoga, Warm Yoga, and Unheated Yoga classes ranging from Gentle, Yin and Stress Release to vinyasa based classes like Align and Flow and Hot Power Yoga. We have a class for you!