Our Team


Kara Palmer

Kara is the Executive Director of Outstretched, Inc dba The Yoga Hive. She took over the helm as Executive Director in July of 2018. She is a certified Holy Yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga since 2009. She loves all styles of yoga from Hot Power and Bikram yoga to Slow Flow and Yin Yoga. Her favorite style of yoga to teach and practice is Christian yoga where she feels her deepest connection to God through her practice. She became a yoga teacher because God had placed a yoga ministry on her heart and in obedience to Him, she left corporate America to pursue this calling. She resides in Fairhope, Alabama with her husband Justin, and three kids, Chloe (13), Noah (7), and Shiloh Rose (2).


Susan Bordenkircher

Susan is the founder of Outstretched, Inc and Pneuma Yoga Studio. She is the author of Yoga for Christians and created Outstretched in Worship classes and video & DVD series. Susan became a yoga teacher in 2001 after many years of teaching various group fitness classes. She was desiring a more wholistic approach to wellness and found that yoga brought together all the parts of who we are and what we could be through all stages of life and age. Susan is actively involved in her church, City Hope, in Daphne, Alabama. Susan has been married 29 years to her husband Greg and has 2 sons, Trent and Ty. She resides with her husband in Daphne, Alabama.


Dawn Zoll

As far as yoga goes, Dawn was a late bloomer, having attended her very first class at 48 years old.  From the beginning, she was hooked! She credits yoga for literally keeping her sane when personal tragedy struck in 2011. Stepping onto her mat allowed her to escape the outside world where she had no control and find some peace for at least that hour. Dawn quickly learned that the rhythm of flowing from one pose to the next, learning to breathe and that focusing on her breath was essential to her mental and physical health! She added meditation to her toolbox of self-care and the more she practiced yoga, the more she needed it!

Dawn became a teacher mostly to further and deepen her personal practice. But once she taught her first class, she realized she had an opportunity to share her passion and to help others “do life” with more ease and less pain. In Dawn’s classes, you will find aromatherapy, music, hands-on assists and general “pampering”. She has been teaching since 2015 and she LOVES that yoga is truly for every BODY! From restorative, to vinyasa, to yin, to heated power, to chair yoga - you are likely to find something that keeps you coming back. 

Dawn is a midwest girl with a heart in the South! She married her high school sweetheart, and for the last 35 years, she has experienced military life, civilian life, traveled across the country and raised 3 boys. She is now an empty nester and Gigi to 2 grandbabies! She relocated to Daphne in 2018 from Chattanooga,TN. for her hubby’s job. 


Chloe Carson

Chloe will soon be Mrs. Rowan on Sept 28th! She is a 21 year old full-time hairdresser with a passion to live life to the fullest. She has a heart for loving and serving like Christ and has found her yoga mat to be a place of worship. “I feel like I’m doing a dance or worship for God. It fills my heart with light and joy.” One of Chloe’s favorite poses is Wild Thing which makes her feel graceful and Bird of Paradise which gives her the feeling that she can conquer anything. Chloe began practicing yoga to gain flexibility but found that yoga offered so much more for her than just flexibility. It has become a safe haven from the stress of life. Chloe loves teaching and practicing at Pneuma because it is a place where she can express and share her faith and because of the environment. Chloe says, “Pneuma is so loving and accepting, it is truly a judgement free place.” Chloe has been a teacher for a little over a year and will reside with her soon to be husband, Derek, in Daphne, Alabama.


Mary Reddinger

Mary has a background in performance and started ballet at a very early age. She fell in love with theatre in high school and after college, pursued an acting career in New York. She found her calling in her personal yoga practice where she noticed that the practice facilitated a deep discovery and work within herself. She practiced, meditated and did inner work for years before taking the step of teacher training in 2018. Mary loves yoga because it reminds her of who and whose she is. Having struggled with anxiety, Mary has found that through the movement, breath, and staying in the present, she is able to affirm that she is not her thoughts-in fact, she is capable, worthy and loved. Mary resides in Daphne, Alabama with her husband Sam and two boys, Sawyer and Fitzgerald.


Sara Howard

”Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle 

Sara fell in love with yoga in her first class and it quickly became her mission to learn and practice as often as she could. Becoming a yoga teacher was the next natural step to satisfy this new passion.

Four years ago, Sara found her yoga home at Pneuma. She was thrilled when offered an opportunity to teach Stress Relief on Monday nights. Her teaching style is gentle, slow paced with a strong emphasis on the breath. She also teaches Yin Yoga on Monday mornings. Her goal in every class is to strengthen, lengthen, nurture and connect the mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, quieting the mind so that we can listen to God.

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things that you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

Sara is Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200, Certified Aroma Yoga* teacher, Certified Chair Yoga teacher through Holy Yoga. My favorite things are the kind, lovely people in a yoga class, and taking time to research, learn and plan classes.  Sara is a life time learner. She says, “yoga takes a life time and more, and I love it!”

Sara resides in Fairhope with her husband Andy. She has 3 kids, AJ, Michelle and Will, a dog named Cooper and a grandson, Ward.


Lynette Mattina

With 25+ years experience in the health field, Lynette has accumulated invaluable knowledge from the various wellness sectors she has specialized in: physical therapy, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, pilates instructor, fitness studio owner, and presently yoga teacher and life coach. Lynette has a passion for helping people improve their quality of life by recognizing patterns and habits that are holding them back from creating the changes they desire. Lynette often works one on one with clients in private yoga sessions and/or lifestyle coaching. For more information, check her website: lynettemattina.com As a yoga teacher, her concentration is on mindfulness and creating functional movements that will strengthen, balance and realign the body towards optimum health. She focuses on core and back strength and pelvic floor health. Lynette joined the Pneuma team in July of 2018. She resides in Fairhope, Alabama with her son, Trase.